Um okkur

Our store Gyllti Kötturinn was born in 2005, thanks to the passion of a woman and her family for the vintage world, interwoven with the beautiful stories of our special customers. 

It is located in the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland, and within a few years it has become a must-see for tourists visiting the capital, as well as a landmark for all vintage lovers.

An intimate retro atmosphere is what characterizes our store, offering professionalism as well as a feeling of intimacy to all those who are looking for a special unique piece to feel original with, along with a sense of belonging and past memories. 

This desire to bring something back to life again and again gives power to present, by not allowing the past to fade into oblivion.

For us vintage and second-hand world are an opportunity to feel the scents and colors of a story from the past, giving them new vitality thanks to the new trends. Therefore, the desire to create something unique, representing what we were and what we want to be.

Selling a fur, a purse, a hat, gives us the opportunity to become protagonists of a fascinating show, always renewed because enriched by the new stories and desires of each of our customers. Our goal is to deliver our vintage items to the right person, to the right hands.. and that's what we love doing.


Besides, who wouldn't want a boss like this one?


His name is Baktus, he's our Golden Cat and one of the city's most popular attractions now! We found him on the street 8 years ago, we adopted him and then he chose the store to be his own home. Anyone who knows him knows he loves to spend his days napping here and there, looking stunning and being photographed.

Have a look on his Instagram profile.. told you, he's a star!